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Unit 3 Circles and Volume
Arc Length and Sector Area


Circles Vocabulary

Angles and Arcs Formed by Tangents, Secants, and Chords

Segment Length in Circles

what is volume?

what is the formula for the volume of a sphere?

how do you find the volume of a sphere?

what is a prism?

Unit 4 Extending the Number System
Polynomials Video

how do you add polynomials?

how do you multiply a monomial by a polynomial?

how do you multiply binomials using foil?

Multiplying Polynomials Using Box Method

Simplifying Radicals

Adding and Subtracting Radicals

Multiplying Radicals

Perimeter and Area with Polynomials

Recognizing rational and irrational numbers

Sums and Products of rational and irrational numbers

Unit 1 Similarity, Congruence, and Proofs
Triangle Similarity

How to Find if Triangles are Similar

Unit 2
Basic Trig

Trig Ratios

Accelerated AG
Graphing Quadratics (includes characteristics)

Characteristics of Quadratics

Prove whether or not a point lies on a circle.

Non Disjoint Events and the Addition Rule

Unit 7 Applications of Probability
Analytic Geometry-Probability

This link contains a playlist of videos that could be very helpful for this unit. We will be starting with set notation then move throght the list until we get to conditional probability.

Unit 5 Quadratics
Graphing Quadratic Functions